My name is Marco. I'm 20 years old and I'm in university studying journalism in Montreal, Canada. All I want in life is to live in a big city and do what I love -- write. You won't find much writing on here, but feel free to ask anything else you want to know!

Wednesday July 30th - 12:37am

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Wednesday July 30th - 12:35am



hey bro wanna compare dick sizes

This is a legit question straight boys ask each other. 

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Tuesday July 29th - 10:05pm

Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow Want to Do a Romy and Michele Sequel, but...Disney Won't Let Them?!

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Tuesday July 29th - 9:57pm

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Tuesday July 29th - 9:54pm


The beard 😍

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Tuesday July 29th - 9:52pm

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Tuesday July 29th - 9:52pm

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Tuesday July 29th - 9:51pm

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Tuesday July 29th - 6:04pm

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Tuesday July 29th - 6:03pm

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