My name is Marco. I'm 20 years old and I'm in university studying journalism in Montreal, Canada. All I want in life is to live in a big city and do what I love -- write. You won't find much writing on here, but feel free to ask anything else you want to know!

Sunday July 13th - 11:14am

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Saturday July 12th - 1:40am

I found the love of my life tonight.

He looked like a tall, Latin Liam Payne, mixed with Tyler Posey. And he knew how to salsa. He was extremely sexy.

And of course I just stared at him from across the bar.

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Tuesday June 3rd - 12:19am

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Tuesday May 27th - 12:05pm



Liam at the charity Match (5.26.2014)



Liam at the charity Match (5.26.2014)


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Friday May 23rd - 5:19pm

fakeliampayne: Tryna catch me riddin dirtyyyy

fakeliampayneTryna catch me riddin dirtyyyy

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Wednesday May 21st - 12:41pm

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Friday May 16th - 5:30pm

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Thursday May 15th - 1:18am

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Monday May 12th - 1:36am

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Monday April 28th - 11:48am


while everyone else was looking at harry, i was watching this girl trying not to freak out about how close liam’s arm was to her leg.

this asshole knew what he was doing

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